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Why Is Diet Rite So Hard To Find

    Why Is Diet Rite So Hard To Find, Why is Diet Rite so difficult to find? It’s not a new question. The cola brand was released in 1962 and was a huge success. It was ranked number four in the sales charts within a year and a half. Unfortunately, its availability has declined significantly in recent years. However, the good news is that more stores and restaurants are now carrying Diet Rite products, including a few in the U.S.

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    Diet Rite is a no-calorie soft drink originally distributed by the RC Cola company. Introduced in 1958 as a dietetic product, it soon gained popularity and was introduced to the public as a healthful beverage. The formula contained cyclamate, which was thirty times sweeter than sugar. A student at the University of Illinois came up with this ingredient, used to sweeten the original drink. But in 1992, the Food and Drug Administration approved cyclamate as a mass-market ingredient.

    The original formula was a calorie-free drink similar to Diet Rite. The key ingredient was a chemical compound called cyclamate, 30 times sweeter than sugar. It was created by a University of Illinois student and first sold as a tabletop sweetener. However, after it was approved for mass-market use, the cyclamate formula was made available in various products.

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