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Plant Power Fast Food Announces Plans to Expand

    Plant Power Fast Food, The menu at Plant Power resembles those of McDonald’s and Burger King but is much more affordable. They even have a nutrition calculator for every item on the menu. Plant Power also plans to expand into other cities, including Las Vegas and New York City. The company even plans to open a drive-through in Las Vegas.

    Plant Power’s menu is based on McDonald’s

    The Plant Power restaurant group is a vegan fast food chain. It recently announced plans to open 10 more locations along California’s coastline. Their menu features 100% plant-based ingredients and biodegradable packaging. Menu items include vegan fish filet sandwiches, burgers, ‘chicken tenders, salads, wraps, and kids’ menu items. The company also recently opened its first vegan drive-through.

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    While the menu is based on McDonald’s, it is completely vegan and gluten-free. Many of the items are made with nuts and seeds. The menu even has some popular fast food favorites. The Buffalo 66 fake chicken sandwich is spicy, and the Holy Guacamole burger is made with a black bean patty and guacamole. The company also offers salads and “chicken” wings, tenders, and nuggets.

    It offers lower-cost vegan burger options than Burger King

    A recent announcement from San Diego-based Plant Power Fast Food shows that the company is taking on Burger King and other major fast-food chains with cheaper vegan burger options. Some of their classic burgers will cost as little as $4.95. In comparison, Burger King’s Impossible Burger costs more than $7. Moreover, the price difference is shrinking as more plant-based meat manufacturers increase their production capacity.

    Plant Power has 11 restaurants and a food truck in California and plans to expand to 15 locations nationwide by 2023. While the company has lower-priced vegan burger options, it does not skimp on quality. The company offers organic sodas as well.

    It has a nutrition calculator for every item on the menu

    The nutrition calculator helps determine the nutrition content of any menu item. It is easy to use and displays all macro and micro-nutrients for every item. It also suggests ways to customize your order. The company hopes to inspire millions of customers to make healthier choices.

    The company uses only biodegradable and renewable ingredients for all of its menu items. Its packaging is also biodegradable. This allows consumers to minimize their carbon footprint when ordering from the restaurant. The company even makes its sauces, which reduces waste.

    It plans to open a drive-thru in Las Vegas

    In a recent announcement, Plant Power announced plans to expand its drive-thru locations to Las Vegas, NV. The company currently has eight locations in California, including a food truck. Shortly, the fast-casual concept plans to open two new locations in Las Vegas and Hollywood, NV. Ultimately, the company hopes to expand to Miami and New York City.

    The new drive-through will share a building with a popular pizza joint, Bonanno’s NY Pizzeria. The restaurant is currently hiring employees and has not announced a debut date. Plant Power will also open a 3,000-square-foot restaurant in Enterprise, CA, later this year. In addition to its Las Vegas location, the drive-thru will share a space with breakfast specialist Broken Yolk Cafe in Enterprise.

    It has a loyalty program

    Plant Power is California fast-food chain offering plant-based burgers, salads, and fries. The company also has corporate development and franchise opportunities. It’s currently looking for franchisees interested in building mission-driven brands. Shortly, the company hopes to add locations in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami.

    For its customers, Plant Power has a rewards program. Guests can earn points and convert them into cash donations to charity. The company also sells gift cards to promote repeat business. These cards can be used in any of the company’s locations. Plant Power has also partnered with several non-profit organizations.

    The company has 11 locations in California. Its flagship location is located near Hollywood’s Paramount Studios. There are also locations in San Diego, Sacramento, and Las Vegas. As a plant-based fast-food chain, Plant Power focuses on environmental sustainability. It offers nostalgic favorites such as chicken fingers, fries, and wraps. It also offers a kid’s menu and a raw menu.

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