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How Old Is Nezuko

How Old Is Nezuko, Nezuko is one of the younger sisters to Tanjiro, the protagonist of the Demon Slayer books. She is his younger sister. Nezuko Kazamado is his youngest sister. She was 12 when the Demon Slayer animated television series began. Nezuko turned 14 when the story started to unfold.

Are anime fans? It’sIt’s easy to see why you found your way here. Demon Slayer is an award-winning anime about action adventures with brutal and intriguing content. Many spectators have been intrigued by Nezuko, but she is not the only item. As a result, many people started to inquire about Nezuko’sNezuko’s ages, whether she is still around, etc. Your quest is over, and you’ll now learn more about her.

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Tanjiro (the protagonist of Demon Slayer – Kimetsu yaiba) has a younger sister called Nezuko. She was a human at one time. But Muzan attacked the family and made her a demon. Tanjiro was not there at that point.

The tiny, beautiful lady is beloved by admirers for her distinctive demon appearance. She is also the only demon to exist in the dark and not gain power through the consumption of humans. To recuperate her energies, she uses to sleep. Fans are interested in the Nezuko ages.

What Are Nezuko’sNezuko’s Superpowers?

Nezuko Camado, Tanjiro’sTanjiro’s twin, did not have any powers during the Demon Slayer. That was because she had resisted killing humans to obtain their blood. So she had to stay asleep for more than a decade to gain energy. And during her battle with Daki (one demon moon 6), Nezuko activated her blood-demon art powers.

Blood Demon Art is the most powerful attack by Nezuko. Nezuko uses her power to kill all demons by using a certain type of pink-colored fire flames. Nezuko will lose her blood if this power is used too often. This means that she must go to bed to restore her powers.

Immune to sunlight: Nezuko also achieved sunlight resistance power through the Demon Slayer manga. This was while fighting against Hantengu, the upper demon Moon. We all know the demons fear sunlight. As soon as the sun touches their skins, they die. Even Muzan Kibutsuji (Demon king) is afraid of the sunlight. However, only Nezuko (and Tanjiro’sTanjiro’s Demon forms) were immune to the sun.

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