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Gary Anthony Williams Weight Loss

    Gary Anthony Williams Weight Loss, he was born on 14 March 1996. Gary Anthony Williams was involved in theatre from an early age. He was working in Atlanta as a comedian and television host. Gary is also well known for his weight loss transformation.

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    Gary Anthony Williams Weight Loss has been a celebrity in Hollywood. Like all celebrity body changes, this gifted man decided to follow the Three-Digit Number for losing those extra pounds. !

    Yes, you did hear it right! In just 18 years, the actor and director and producer lost a staggering total of 155lbs. It was a difficult journey, as the results are confusing but well worth the struggle.

    Gary Anthony Williams is American’s most respected and well-known personal trainer. Why? Because, unlike many personal trainers, Gary Anthony Williams believes that food is a choice and that your body responds positively.

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